See Me, is a collaboration between Shannon Johnston and I as we tell the story of a haunted house. The story is told completely in one take as the women moves throughout the house. Shot on the A7iii

Alex Salcik contacted me about shooting Senior Overview Dance Film.  This was a daunting task to say the least. To achieve the full vision we constructed a lighting grid over the dance studio over the span of six hours and then shot well into the night to complete this film 

This is a documentary directed by my good friend Shannon Johnston. It tells the story of her brother and his struggle with addiction. The story is very close to home for Shannon and her family. 

Free the Wiener is a narrative driven commercial directed by my long time partner Nick Lanham. This commercial was created for the Senior Marketing Capstone competition in Kansas City hosted by Wienerschnitzel.  The goal was to change the overall perception of the hot dog through our campaign which we titled Free the Wiener. Shot on the Red Scarlet 

So Far was written and performed by St.Louis Native Montel Moore. The video was Produced Directed and Shot by me with the help of a phenomenal team shot over two days and edited by Jack Miller. During this project is when I discovered my passion for shooting music videos and the process of creating a story out of music.  Shot on the Red Scarlet 

This was my final more Cinematography second semester sophomore year of college. Which has helped inspire for what I plan to do for my senior overview. This film is a 3 minute silent one take all shot on a dolly starring my good friend Kayla Burhoster. Shot on the Red Scarlet 

Ways It Could End was the second film I shot and was the first time working with my go to director Nick Lanham. We dove headfirst into this project and until the day it was done we lived and died by it. I still look back on this film as one of the best projects I've ever worked on with some of the best memories. Shot of the A7rii

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